Sunday, June 26, 2016

David A. Seney

Technology Education Teacher

Phone: 860.824.5123; extension#142, voicemail #465

Welcome to Technology Education

at Housatonic!

Courses that I currently teach are:


Beginning Black & White Photography:

The world of photography is explored as students learn to use a basic 35mm camera to capture images on black and white film, gain skills in photographic composition, develop film and produce quality photographic prints in our darkroom, and ready work for display. Valuable hands-on experiences are provided through a variety of projects and activities that can be applied to other visual mediums.


Production Graphics:

Quality printed and other visual materials are designed and produced by students as they explore the graphic arts field. As a small "job shop", real world projects for themselves, HVRHS, local schools, and a wide variety of community organizations are planned, designed, and produced to customer specifications.


Life Skills (Graphic Arts section):

Life Skills is an exploratory course that is required for all 9th grade students. Units of instruction are offered in each of the following areas: Agriculture Education, Business Education, Health, and Technology Education. In one marking period Technology Education students experience hands-on, activity based instruction in wood technology, metal technology, and graphic arts. The graphic arts section that I teach offers students an opportunity to learn basic graphic arts skills through the computer and Photoshop software. Students leave the approximate ten class period unit having designed and produced a high quality T-shirt that communicates a some feeling, thought, or message.


Drafting & Electronic Publishing:

Through hands-on experiences using computer aided drafting (CAD) hardware and software, students complete introductory projects and activities in basic technical drawing and architectural drafting. Additionally, an introductory experience is provided in electronic desktop publishing as students learn to design and produce a variety of printed materials.